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The whale watching season for 2013 has concluded for the season. I look forward to having you onboard next year!

Cruise Perth's major whale migration route

It’s part of an ancient system of ocean paths that circle the planet, vastly pre-dating any road travelled by man. Whale experts call it the Humpback Highway! A highway not marked on any map but our experienced and knowledgeable guides can take you there just off the coast of Fremantle and around Rottnest Island.

The migration is the largest in the southern hemisphere with approximately 35,000 individuals including 3,000 calves. Of all the great baleen whales, the humpback is the most surface active displaying behaviour that will not only inspire you but leave you in awe, so let us take you on-board the Sea Eagle Express with its large viewing platforms offering passengers front row seats during your memorable whale encounter.

Each year around April, the humpbacks leave rich feeding grounds in Antarctica to calf and raise their young in warmer waters, off the Kimberley. This lane of the highway is far off-shore from Perth. The return trip in September through December brings the whales and their newborn calves much closer to the coast - the perfect time to seek an encounter.

Whale watching tour includes:

  • Two hour tour on-board our whale watching adventure vessel with large viewing platforms (including covered area at the stern) offering front row seats to passengers during the whale encounters
  • Exclusive on-board whale watching interpretive DVD
  • Interpretive whale fact sheets 



Barrack St, Perth
(including Swan River cruise
from Perth to Fremantle)

 $67  $34  $190
B Shed, Fremantle
 $57  $29  $165

Take advantage of Perth's only morning whale watch departure

Tour Schedule

Period Frequency
14-27 September 2013
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
28 September-13 October 2013
14 October-24 November 2013 Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Departs Boarding Closes Returns
Barrack Street Jetty, Perth
8:30am 6:15pm*
B shed, Fremantle
10:15am 12:30pm

*Perth passengers can spend the afternoon enjoying the historical city of Fremantle before returning from B Shed at 5:15pm to arrive at Barrack Street Jetty at 6:15pm or alternatively passengers can catch the train up to Perth at their leisure (own expense). Our B Shed terminal is conveniently located directly behind the Fremantle train station.